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Closing Down

Due to the Australian Wholesaler going into liquidation on 8th March, 2017, Bioflow UK advised on the 1st June, 2017 – “The Managing Director has made the decision that we will not be supplying anyone in Australia with our Products at Wholesale Price.” Unfortunately as an independent distributor this has left us with no alternative, […]

Pets Get Arthritis Too!

Many dogs or cats, no matter what their age, will suffer from the effects of arthritis.  Bioflow(R) magnetic pet collars can offer a drug free alternative to pain relief and the effects of arthritis. The use of a strong concentrated magnetic field which the Bioflow(R) patented “Central Reverse Polarity” (R) magnetic pet collars has, mimics […]

Bioflow for People

The Bioflow(R) for people range has grown over the years to cater for most shapes, sizes, preferences and conditions. The most popular are the products worn around the wrist where the field can reach all cells passing through it; it is therefore unnecessary in most cases to use more than one product. All Bioflow(R) products […]