What about domestic and commercial heating?

A unique ‘Central Reverse Polarity’ magnetic field was developed for a special Ecoflow product designed exclusively to improve fuel consumption on domestic and commercial heating installations. Benefits daimed by users of the product include not only lower fuel bills but also greater energy availability and reduced sooting of burners.

How much can be saved? :

In financial terms this question cannot be answered definitively as much depends on the condition of the engine or heating installation and the environment it is working under. Although savings of 10% and more are common a saving on fuel bills of 8% would generally provide a relatively short and justifiable pay-back period. In financial terms savings made by fitting an Ecoflow will increase as fuel costs continue to rise.

The savings for the environment are immeasurable and beyond financial considerations.

Is an Ecoflow easy to fit?

It couldn’t be simpler. An Ecoflow is placed onto the fuel line and held in position by nylon ties. There are no pipes to cut, no electrical connections to make and the only tool required is some snips or scissors to trim the ends of the ties.

How does it work? :

An Ecoflow ionises the fuel by directing a specific and powerful static magnetic field right into the fuel supply line. Through a process known as magnetohydrodynamics the fuels ability to combine with oxygen improves and greater energy Is released from the fuel.

Is there a guarantee?

If the customer is not satisfied with the results for any reason the product may be returned to the distributor for a full refund within 90 days of purchase. In addition the magnetic properties are guaranteed for life.

Who are Ecoflow?

Ecoflow plc. is Europe’s leading manufacturer of magnetic fuel ionisation products. In the UK customers range from private motorists and domestic householders to large multi-national organisations, from Local Councils to Government offices. The products are exported worldwide.

Helen Low

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