How to Get Relief From Arthritis Pain

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If You’re Wondering How to Get Relief From Arthritis Pain, We Can Help

Varying treatments that depend on the type of arthritis support symptom relief and improve quality of life. You may have arthritis if your joints are swollen, stiff, red, and tender. The problem can worsen with age to cause ongoing pain and a decreased motion range. The cartilages – or firm, slippery tissue covering the ends of bones where they form the joint – break down if you have osteoarthritis and the immune system attacks the joints of people with rheumatoid arthritis, starting with the lining. You probably have gout because too much uric acid in your blood forms crystals. These conditions result in frequent discomfort.

Individuals with severe arthritis that affects their arms and hands often find it hard to do daily tasks, and it is frequently difficult for people to sit comfortably or walk when it affects weight-bearing joints. Chances are you are currently receiving medical treatment to help you deal with the aches and pains arising from these complaints, as you should. Continue reading to discover how to get relief from Arthritis pain now.

Discover Our Complementary Pain Relief Products for Arthritis

BioFlow® created and patented unique magnotherapy bracelets and wristbands you can wear daily and when playing sports, plus boost belt kits with Central Reverse Polarity (CRP) to relieve pain and inflammation. Whereas standard north and south pole polarity magnets offer some assistance, our products are more efficient and potent. They contain north-south-north multi-directional forces that subject all substances that pass through the field to three opposed directional fields, causing the molecules that escape the field into your body to help alleviate pain more effectively.

BioFlow® manufactures its specialised static magnets of top-quality, enduring neodymium that applies a magnetic field to living tissue to mitigate migraine headaches, back, and injury-related pain. In 2004, the British Medical Journal published an article about an Arthritis Research Campaign trial that showed the Bioflow® complements medical treatments by decreasing the joint discomfort that attends osteoarthritis pain in the knees and hips. Our products may also improve circulation.

How Does Our Magnetic Bracelet for Arthritis Pain Work?

Our new magnetic field technology is based on a better understanding of science, and the medical profession accepts the use of electrically produced pulsed magnetic fields for pain relief. A magnet transfers energy to unconnected matter via the magnetic field effect on the electrons of atoms inside the substance, altering their orbit and encouraging utmost molecular bonding efficiency. Magnetic energy triggers a healthy pH balance to promote health and helps preserve the transportation and communication functions in the body.

Changes in matter can only occur through the movement of electrons and energy transfer. Central Reverse Polarity encourages electron movement. The circular magnetic module has been designed to imitate the electrically generated pulsed magnetic fields physiotherapists and medical practitioners use in hospitals. With the three opposing directional forces, all substances that pass through the CRP field receive an additional boost, and the aligned electrons create an environment where molecular change can occur. The molecules that escape the CRP field are, therefore, more efficient.

Using the CRP magnetic field at a molecular level affects the body’s energy levels in three ways:

  • It triggers an energy release
  • Increases the amount of accumulated energy and
  • Provides energy to increase the chemical reaction rate by acting as a catalyst

More than a million people have bought our BioFlow® products. We have received thousands of letters telling us about the positive pain relief effects our customers have experienced by wearing our bracelets, belts, and wristbands.

Why not contact us for more information or place an online order after viewing our products now that you understand the science better?

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