Our Story

Kevin and Helen both have fulfilling and successful careers yet they had some medical issues that were hindering both of them from having that fulfilling and ‘free’ life.

They had such outstanding results for themselves they began sharing with friends and family. They know from experience the freedom that can be gained from BioFlow ® and Ecoflow ® products.

They were so passionate, that the next logical step was to become distributors. When you believe in a product this much because of your own personal experience it was a no brainer.

In their words “We can’t recommend this highly enough. All you need do is read the experience of the many other users and consider what do you have to risk?”

If you want to know more about us read below.

Kevin Carey

Born in NZ as one of the baby boomer, life wasn’t easy. Schooling didn’t hold much of an interest for Kevin – even the Marseille Brothers at the college couldn’t encourage him to study.

He took on an apprenticeship as a butcher at the age of 15 year. He started his trade working in various butcher shops through Auckland until he eventually got a job as a beef boner with Shortland Meat Co.  He decided to leave New Zealand in 1978 (couldn’t stand the cold anymore).

He checked out Australia and all the Capital cities and decided on Perth which was ‘booming’ at that time. When he arrived he continued to butcher and bone, working in Katanning at the local abattoirs. Living in Perth and travelling back and forth to Katanning.

The desire was growing to get into sales and marketing. He decided to try his hand at sales. He eventually got a job as a sales representative with Quick as Air. After having achieved bronze, silver, gold and double diamond awards, he felt he had achieved a reasonable result in sales and marketing.

He was offered a position in sale and marketing in the food and meat industry, which having been a butcher he jumped at. Presently he is still in the food industry.

Years of working in the meat industry had given him a lot of aches and pains i.e. down both legs, shoulders, both hands.  He also broke his shoulder humour bone and was in constant pain.

He was introduced to Ecoflow – Bioflow magnetic bracelets by his partner…and thought he’d give it a try. (After all he had nothing to lose except the pain). He’s been wearing one constantly for 12 years and it certainly relieves the pain.

Helen Low.

Helen grew up in Bassendean in a “working class” family environment. Most of her working life, she’s been involved with the finance and real estate industries.

One day while working in the office she twisted to pick up a piece of paper (oh so simple) and “twang” that was it. Helen’s back let go. She just couldn’t straighten up. Helen underwent x rays, chiropractic and water exercises to get back on track. This was ok, but occasionally she would still get those annoying twinges.

Helen was lucky to meet a lady who had been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis (she had all the tell tale signs with swollen joints and disfigure fingers). She had been wearing a ‘Bioflow’ magnetic bracelet.  She was ecstatic that she was able to “get her life back”.  Helen decided to give it a try…then introduced Kevin to it.

Kevin and Helen both decided that if they could feel this good why not help other people to get relief from their everyday aches and pain “Lets tell the world and make a difference to how people feel”.