Bioflow for People

The Bioflow(R) for people range has grown over the years to cater for most shapes, sizes, preferences and conditions. The most popular are the products worn around the wrist where the field can reach all cells passing through it; it is therefore unnecessary in most cases to use more than one product. All Bioflow(R) products use at least a single CRP(R) i.e. Central Reverse Polarity (R) module and many incorporate a relay magnet to provide a deeper field. All wristband models are ideal for both maintenance and helping specific complaints. The Boost and Boost Buttons are designed for use on any part of the body where a concentrated field is required to target pain in a selected area. The Biopad has six deep penetration CRP(R) modules and is versatile enough for use at home, work, whilst driving or even in your pet’s basket.

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