Replacement and Spare Parts

A range of Bioflow replacement straps and spare parts are available for selected Bioflow wristbands and bracelets.  Also available are the Boost Belt Pouches and Strips of 4 Magnets, both suitable for the Boost Belts.

Replacement Straps for the Explorer 2     $45.00

Replacement Clips for the Elite                  $10.00

Spare Links for the Pirouette                      $10.00

Boost Belt Pouch                                            $45.00

Strip of 4 Magnets                                         $55.00


replacement parts -links for the pirouette gold stainless steel and rose gold

Additional Links for the  Pirouette Bracelet

replacement parts -clasps for the elite mens and womans stainless steel

Elite Spare/Replacement Clasps

Bioflow replacement straps -nylon weaved explorer 2 strap in many colours
Replacement Straps for the Explorer 2
spare parts -boost pouch front velco
Boost Belt Pouch
spare parts -back of 4 magnet strip
Strip of 4 Magnets