The Bioflow Boost Belts system is designed for everyday targeted pain relief through the use of magnetic therapy for specific areas.

The Boost Belts Kit provides natural, non-invasive magnetic therapy by using a localised application of magnetic therapy. This localised application may assist areas such as back pain. The Kit includes three (3) different length belts and three (3) interchangeable twin CRP magnet modules. Each belt and each individual magnet module uses velcro fastening. Therefore each module can be placed anywhere on the belts. And each belt can target more than one area of discomfort at a time.

Discreet and comfortable, it can be worn day and night under clothing for maximum effect.

The Boost Belts system uses the exact same magnetic therapy that is used in our bracelets, wristbands and sports bracelets. Our targeted pain relief products feature Bioflow’s patented Central Reverse Polarity™ technology. This unique technology is designed to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and help provide pain relief.


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