About Bioflow – Ecoflow ®

The success of Bioflow.

Trading since 1991 Bioflow’s parent company – as Ecoflow ®.

Ecoflow has Twice been placed in the Virgin Atlantic / Sunday Times Fast Track 100 as one of the fastest growing, privately owned companies in the UK and been recognised in the BT Vision 100 index as one of the most visionary and innovative companies in the UK.  Ecoflow ® is also registered as ISO 9001 (Quality Management audit for exceptional commitment to quality of service) and IAO14001 (Environmental Audit).

Ecoflow ® is a member of the direct selling association of Australia (DSAA). The DSSA regulates the conduct of its members who must comply with its code of practice (the “Code”) which encourages high standards of trading.

  • This CRP® technology is patented to Ecoflow and no similar method exists.
  • Our magnetic products are produced using the highest quality neodymium magnets – the strongest type of permanent magnet known.
  • Bioflow® products are also credited as a Class 1 medical device in the UK.   Please note this is not recognised in Australia.

Magnet Healing

Please note this NOT recognised as a Medical Device in Australia.