… without pain for the first time in 20 years…

I first heard of Ken’s problems when I was talking with his wife, Viv, at a party held by mutual friends. She told me about the pain Ken suffered due to problems with his hips, knees and back. I have to say that I would never have guessed that Ken was in such pain as he never complained.

Last November I met an Ecoflow Distributor, who was in Australia for the launch of Ecoflow, a very successful British company who make and distribute magnetic health care products, including the Bioflow wristband. Mark went on to explain about these devices and how they could ease pain for people like Ken.

Although a little sceptical, I did my own research via the internet and as a result of what I discovered I decided to sign up as an Independent Distributor for Ecoflow products. I then went to see Ken but he was busy, however I was able to talk with Viv who said she would like Ken to try a Bioflow. Unfortunately Ken had tried other magnetic devices before with no success and was reluctant to try again.

Three weeks ago I found out that Ken was now only able to walk a few paces at a time and was in such pain that he was shortly to undergo surgery on his knees. I decided it was time to go and see him.

I met with Ken and explained the Bioflow products to him, I gave him a Bioflow Ultra and told him that he would only have to pay for it if it worked. Despite his previous experience with magnets he promised to give it a go and I am delighted to say that by the following Sunday he was able to tell me that he was without pain for the first time in 20 years.

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